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Clinical Nutrition support and behavioural change for a better you
Optimise your health and well being through balanced meals and personalised lifestyle coaching

Trying to fit a healthy and balanced nutrition within a busy lifestyle and routine can often seem challenging. To complicate things further, there is currently a lot of commonly-encountered myths and misconceptions due to a constant flow  of invalidated and misleading information and scientific data regarding health and nutrition. 

Moreover, trending nutrition tips and plans that could be applied to the general healthy population might not be advisable in specific clinical conditions or individuals with more specific nutritional requirements and needs. 

Keeping in mind that "your nutrition is personal", HP nutrition focuses on:

  • your individual nutritional requirements based on your clinical parameters and/or health implications

  • your own preferences (e.g. taking into consideration the specifics of various diets, potential allergies or dislikes) 

  • your daily routine and current nutrition plan

  • other lifestyle factors like exercise, stress or medication that could affect your nutrition and health


We also provide you with the latest trends in health and nutrition, reviewing the broad and often complicated scientific research on health and performance nutrition and translating it into simple tips that can be applied in your daily routine and lifestyle. 

Constant collaboration and follow ups either in person or remotely can also allow adjustments of your nutrition at real time according to your current routine, whereas ongoing support with food choices and potential benefits of supplementation (if needed) can ensure your nutrition will provide you with the extra milestone to reach your target.


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