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Nutrition seminars and group presentations
Let's provide your employees or club members with all the support and coaching they need to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle - at your own facilities or online

Even as early as 1980s, research has been showing that healthier people are related to healthier businesses. Since then, more and more studies highlight the importance of a good work-lifestyle balance.


Health promotion can be referred to better stress management techniques, maintenance of a healthy eating pattern and/ or an active routine. Generally, employees who maintain a sedentary routine, engage in habits like smoking or alcohol over-consumption and/ or  usually make poor food choices are more likely to have reduced performance rates, higher rates of absence, higher risk of health conditions and implications and often suffer form higher rates of anxiety and work related stress. 

Keeping in mind that "maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not have to be complicated", HP Nutrition can provide specialised and easy to follow talks/ presentations in one or more of the following lifestyle aspects:


-physical activity

-mental health like work related stress and anxiety management

-alcohol consumption

One-to-one follow ups can also be provided, whereas ongoing support with food choices and meal ideas that can be prepared from home or provided at your facilities can ensure your employee's nutrition fuels them with all the nutrients they may need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a great work performance. 


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