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Weekend warriors and recreational athletes
Let's prepare you for your first event or guide you to reach your ideal body composition, including muscle gain and body fat loss

Trying to be the best version of yourself can often be difficult and overwhelming. You have your mind set on the goal; you have just singed up for your first ever event or decided to really work hard to build muscles and reduce your body fat to the level you always dreamed of. You just need to maintain your motivation and that includes enjoying the process to the maximum.


HP Nutrition can guide you using the latest evidence-based scientific research and provide you all the knowledge and support you need to get the most out of your effort and reduce to the minimum any adverse effects like injuries or fatigue. 

More specifically you can expect :

- Your own personalised nutrition plan according to your metabolic rate and nutritional requirements, your current body composition and the goal you have set, your training routine and frequency and your individual preferences, setting small but achievable goals, instead of utilising techniques that can only provide short term results but feel too restrictive to maintain.

- Nutrition and lifestyle coaching and support as you prepare physically and mentally for running/ cycling/ swimming those extra miles. This involves the preparation phase all the way to the starting point, followed by a thoroughly explained and tailored nutrition strategy based on the specifics of each event and finally the appropriate recovery plan after you proudly cross that finishing line. 

Collaboration and follow ups either in person or remotely can also allow adjustments of your nutrition at real time according to your current routine, whereas ongoing support with food choices and potential benefits of supplementation (if needed) can ensure your nutrition will provide you with the extra milestone to reach your target.

Don't just aim for it- achieve it!


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