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Performance Nutrition for athletes
Let's plan your nutrition and recovery strategy based on your training,  upcoming events and performance goals 

As a professional athlete, you already have experience in exercise-induced adaptations to maximise your strength, stamina, velocity and every physiological aspect related to your sport.


HP Nutrition can guide you to apply specific adaptations to your nutrition and eating patterns, with periodization and timing of your nutrient intake being the key to reach your full competing potential. 

Keeping in mind that "one size does not fit all", we focus on:

  • the specifics of your sport and athletic profile

  • your individual needs and preferences

  • your training goals

  • your events schedule and regime  

We also provide you with the latest evidence-based scientific research specifically related to your sport and create a tailored nutrition plan and personalised strategy .

Collaboration with your coach and support staff can also allow adjustments of your nutrition at real time according to your current routine, whereas ongoing support with food choices and potential benefits of supplementation (if needed) can ensure your nutrition will provide you with the extra milestone to reach your target.


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